Sunflower Laboratory & Diagnostic Center Mumbai


Dr. Vipul B. Patel & Dr. Darshana V. Patel, Founders


A tech-savvy diagnostic center showcasing he best diagnostics and healthcare services through its dedicated team of consultant clinical pathologist, histopathologist, microbiologist, clinical associates and technologists

Sunflower Laboratory & Diagnostic Center: Virtuous Solutions Armed with Excellent Diagnostic Prowess

When a middle-aged female suffered from severe abdominal pain on a Sunday when most diagnostic centers remain closed, Sunflower Laboratory & Diagnostic Center (SLDC) helped the doctor save her from the life-threatening Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy. Known for quick and 24×7 service for emergency patients, this NABH accredited laboratory presented the report in just 90 minutes monitored real time using advanced software algorithms. “This is one of the many examples where our quick emergency service has made the difference in patient’s life and we are proud of our working culture,” asserts Dr. Vipul B. Patel, Founder, SLDC.

Albeit the Indian diagnostic sector today swerves in the limelight of the healthcare structure, it still occupies as one of the most complicated fields of medicine with a huge demand for stringent quality standards & expertise with avant-garde equipment. While most centers lack these requisites, SLDC showcases an excellent team of experts (consultant clinical pathologist, histopathologist, microbiologist, clinical associates and technologist) with over 10 years of experience along with one of the best diagnostic-center infrastructure with world-class patient services and a start-of-the-art central laboratory. Tied with prestigious tech-leaders in diagnostic services like Abbott, Roche, Beckman Coulter, Biomerieux & Cepheid and more, SLDC is undoubtedly the industry’s leader in diagnosis. With over 1000 different tests housed in its expertise, the diagnostic center is known for its preventive health check-ups besides its specialized tests in clinical pathology, microbiology & molecular, and immunology & serology tests.

SLDC’s CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) does advanced male fertility tests and Integrated Sperm Function test to reduce the treatment time for infertility, and TB PCR, Drug resistance test and Line Probe Assay to help many TB patients get diagnosed earlier and refrain from advancing their disease to next level. It is one of the few authorized laboratory in the country to do Swine Flu test. The center also conducts Andrology related tests, Oncology for Cancer detection and treatment and many more.

Only the Best Diagnostic

India has been struggling to balance the doctor-patient ratio. Astutely comprehending the situation, SLDC maintains a low doctor/patient ratio so-as-to ensure that every individual patient’s result is carefully evaluated and interpreted to aid clinician/clients accurately execute medical-action. With its round-the-clock services, SLDC also ensures a fast TAT for critical test-reports with real-time monitoring right from patient registration to the final report under the use of advanced software algorithms. Moreover, the diagnostic center also provides counseling to patients post a keen examination of their risk profile, and suggesting the appropriate test-packages. The center also provides home-collection facility that could be availed at the convenient registration by the patient (online-register/telephonic).

SLDC maintains high-end and sophisticated technologies like Chemiluminescence Immune Assay (CLIA), Microparticle Enzyme Immunoassay (MEIA), Real time Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR), Immunofluorescence Assay (IFA), Line Probe Assay (LPA), Computer Assisted Analytics for Andrology Tests, and Digital Radiology. With these to its advantage, the diagnostic center is capable of nabbing the right quality standards and meticulous results for providing the best diagnostic solutions to both patients and practitioners.

Establishing partnerships with more than 100 small, medium/large hospitals & corporate clients, the center recently inaugurated its Advance Andrology Department & expanded its Molecular Department. Looking at upgrading its tech-savvy approach SLDC is exploiting newer advances in diagnosis of Infectious diseases, Oncology and Lifestyle diseases. “We have come up with Patient Engagement Program to provide health tips of our patients to stay healthy and send them reminders for timely testing, which help them stay healthy,” concludes Dr. Darshana V. Patel, Founder, SLDC.